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6-12 Months

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Diet in 6-12 months of age

Solid food is started in infant's diet around 4-6 months of age. One can start supplementation with cereal foods which are cooked soft and mashed to a thin consistency.

The new foods should be introduced one at a time. When a new food is introduced, parents should wait at least 5-7 days before introducing the next new food. This allows for identification of any indigestion or allergies associated with the new food introduced.

Suji and porridge can be cooked in milk with sugar and can be given. The baby can be given boiled and mashed potato plain or mashed with the addition of a little salt and lemon juice. Other vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, and spinach can also be mashed and given with minimal spices. Eggs can be given around 8-9 months of age. Khichdi (rice and moong dhal) can also be given. The consistency of the food is important to consider. The initial baby food should be mashed into thin consistency as babies have difficult swallowing thicker consistency.

By 9 -10 months, you can start giving fish, chicken, liver and meat. It should be cooked very soft and mash the pieces with your fingers to be sure there are no bones. Milk intake will go down with the introduction of solid foods. As long as the baby takes at least 500 ml of milk and is active and gains weight satisfactorily there is nothing to worry.

Most babies have 2-3 solid meals daily at 6-8 months of age and 3-4 meals daily at 9-12 months of age.