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Feeding Your Newborn

 Newborns should be exclusively breast fed until at least 4-6 months of age. While newborn and infant formulas can also be used, breast milk is preferred as it contains antibodies that are transferred from mother to the child, which help in fighting infections. For techniques of how to breast feed your child correctly, please click here

Exclusive breast or formula feeding means that the baby is given nothing in addition to breast or formula milk.  No water, no honey, no guthi, no baby food. Baby's digestive system is immature and not able to handle anything but milk specifically designed for it. Cow or buffalo's milk should not be introduced before one year of age. Giving plain water to a baby before 4-6 months of age can cause dis balance of salts (electrolytes) in the baby, while honey in newborns can cause a particular serious infectious disease (botulism). 

 So, nothing but breast (or formula) milk until 4-6 months of age for your baby! Further details on diet in newborn period, including use of formula milk are given in the 'recommended diet' section.