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Influenza vaccine

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Influenza Vaccine

Influenza vaccine, or the 'flu shot' is a vaccine against Influenza that is given every year around October, before the influenza season to protect against this disease. Influenza is a viral infection that causes significant respiratory illness in people of all ages. The vaccine is made against the strains of influenza that are likely to be circulating in the coming season.

Influenza vaccine protects against influenza, but not against common cold. Influenza can be thought of as a special, more severe kind of cold, which can in some cases lead to serious complications. The usual mild cough and cold is caused by different viruses. Therefore do not expect that your child will not get a cold at all if he/she got the influenza vaccine. They will be protected against influenza, which is a serious illness.

Influenza causes serious illness in many people in Pakistan every year. Even though the vaccine usually is available every October, its uptake is quite low in the public largely because of lack of awareness. I think every body in Pakistan should consider getting immunized with Influenza vaccine every year. This is specially true for people at high risk of influenza related complications, including pregnant women, children younger than 5, but especially children younger than 2 years old, people 50 years of age and old and people of any age with certain chronic medical conditions. 

The vaccine can not be administered to children less than six months of age.