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Malaria in Pakistan

While malaria is not as common in Pakistan as in Africa, it is not very uncommon either.

 Malaria is caused by parasites called Plasmodium species, which are carried by mosquitoes infected from biting someone who already has the disease. In pakistan, plasmodium vivax and plasmosium falciparum are the most common

Early symptoms of malaria can include irritability and drowsiness, with poor appetite and trouble sleeping. These symptoms are usually followed by chills, then a fever with rapid breathing. The fever may either gradually increase over 1 to 2 days or may rise very suddenly to 105° F (40.6° C) or above. Then, as fever ends and body temperature quickly returns to normal, there's an intense episode of sweating.

Because the initial symptoms are not specific and can be mistaken for other diseases, it can be difficult to diagnose. In countries where the disease is seen a lot, it's not uncommon for doctors to treat people for malaria who have fever of no obvious cause without getting laboratory confirmation.  However, in Pakistan we recommend confirming malaria through lab tests before treating it. Please consult your child specialist if your child has high grade fever, is not looking well or if the fever is lasting more than a couple of days. Your child could have malaria which needs to be promptly diagnosed and treated.