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Measles / MMR vaccine

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Measles Vaccine and Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine

Two doses of Measles vaccine are given to children in Pakistan. Th second dose of Measles was recently added last year in Pakistan's vaccination program by the government. 

The first dose of Measles vaccine should be given at 9 months of age and the second dose should be given in the second year, preferably at 15 months of age. For the second dose, MMR vaccine can be used instead of Measles vaccine as it provides protection against Mumps and Rubella as well, which are also common in Pakistan.

Fever is the most common side effect, occurring in 5%–15% of Measles or MMR vaccine recipients. About 5% of people develop a mild rash. When they occur, fever and rash usually appear 7–12 days after vaccination.