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Polio in Pakistan

Just like Small pox was completely eradicated from the world in the 70s, the world decided to now eradicate polio as well. For polio to be eradicated, it is important that its transmission stops in each and every corner of the world. If a single area remains where polio is present, the whole world will remain vulnerable to this terrible disease.

While almost all the rest of the countries have eradicated polio, Pakistan has so far been unable to control this disease. Only four countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nigeria remain where polio has not been eradicated. Out of these, Pakistan had more cases of polio last year than all the three other countries combined! he current year is also particularly bad. The entire global polio eradication mission (in which billions of dollars were spent) will fail if Pakistan does not eradicate polio in its country.  

The government is conducting regular polio immunization campaigns in which every child less than five years old is supposed to get polio vaccine. However, there are weaknesses, both in the vaccination program as well as public's compliance. We must make sure that our children less than five year old get the polio vaccine in every vaccination campaign. Extra doses can not harm the child and will only benefit.

Remember to get every child vaccinated, every time in polio vaccination campaigns.