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Rotavirus Vaccine

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Rotavirus Vaccine

Diarrhea is one of the leading cause of child death in Pakistan. About 30-40% of the severe  diarrhea that leads to hospitalization in children less than one year old is caused by a virus called Rota virus.

Vaccine against Rotavirus is available in Pakistan in the private market but not available for free from the government (yet). Two doses of this vaccine are given as drops by mouth, at 10 weeks of age and at 14 weeks of age. The first dose of Rotavirus vaccine can not be given if the child is older than 16 weeks of age.

This vaccine costs around Rs. 4200 per dose, so it is not cheap. We recommend it if the parents can afford it. We hope that this vaccine will be included in the Government's Vaccination program (EPI) in the next few years, and will be available for free to the public.